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From BtoC to BtoB

• BtoC experience:
1st price comparison platform between individuals.

• 6 million euros saved, and
400,000 people federated.

Historically, the company was established in 2017 under the name CrossShopper . We then offered the very first collaborative price comparison website allowing a free personalized search for the product you wanted at the best price by a community of internet users keen on good deals.

CrossShopper.com requiring a lot of automation in e-commerce price monitoring, our team has acquired strong skills in scraping automation and data analysis.


After more than 3 years of existence, and after having federated a community of nearly 400,000 people and having saved more than 6 million euros, we made the decision to move towards BtoB and develop SaaS and APIs solutions to optimize the business of various sectors of activity.
After numerous external requests for BtoB solutions, seizing these opportunities and refocusing our activities on our in-depth expertise had become the logical continuation of our adventure.

Expertise in data collection

• Mastery of innovative technologies: React, NodeJS.

• 3 years of experience in scraping automation.

With 3 years of experience in scraping automation for the largest international e-commerce websites, Panora Soft has developed increased expertise in online data collection, by combining innovative bypass techniques and reasonable rates not impacting the targeted sites.


Thanks to our mastery of innovative technologies such as React or NodeJS, and coupled with the power of the cloud, we are now able to develop high-performance tailor-made solutions.

This expertise allows us to target and extract relevant content according to customer needs in various business areas such as retail or real estate.

We are also able to process the data collected and know how to analyze this data to extract key information, in particular on pricing or competitive intelligence.

A panorama of skills

Marie Cécile de Faucigny - Panora Soft

Marie-Cécile De Faucigny


Benjamin Raaymakers - Panora Soft

Benjamin Raaymakers


Achouak Benbaraka - Panora Soft

Achouak Benbaraka

Commercial and administrative assistant

Rémy Chavardes - Panora Soft

Rémy Chavardes

Product owner

Florian Dominguez - Panora Soft

Florian Dominguez

Software engineer

Vincent Besnier - Panora Soft

Vincent Besnier

Software engineer

Panorasoft favicon logo

Claire Couriot

Responsable grands comptes

Panorasoft favicon logo

Jade Petit

Assistante commerciale

Panorasoft favicon logo


Software engineer

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